South Central Educational Risk Management Program

 The SCERMP Program is a public entity risk pool created to manage a property and casualty risk management program for member School Districts through the pooling of resources.

 SCERMP is a risk pool established by an interlocal agreement authorized by Chapter 230.23 and 768.28 of the Florida Statutes.  The pool provides coverage for workers compensation, general liability, and auto liability and property insurance coverage.  Coverage is obtained through a combination of commercial insurance and self-insurance.

 The Program contracts with Relation Insurance Services to act as administrator and broker to receive, disburse, manage funds and procure insurance.  In addition, Relation recommends underwriting, rate changes and insurance coverages for the Program.

 The governing Board of the Program is composed of high ranking, full-time employees from each of the member school districts.  The Board has complete authority to change policies and contributions in accordance to the Bylaws of the Program.  Contributions are based upon the value of covered property and prior claims experience.

 The Program utilizes both self-insurance and commercial insurance coverage for the following areas of the pool.